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 Whitsundays Tour Tickets And Advice

A Whitsundays Tour is the best way to discover the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland Australia. The top 3 ways of touring the islands are, Sailing, Motor Boat and By Air.

A Sailing Tour – is best done on a overnight adventure trip, you will get to explore secluded bays. snorkel coral reefs and visit the world famous Whitehaven Beach all whilst leisurely sailing from one destination to another.

A Whitsundays Motor Boat Tour – are mostly day trips. These are fast paced vessels up to 1200 Horse Power that will speed across the coral ocean arriving to destinations quicker and with minimal seasickness

A Whitsundays Tour by Air is available on either a seaplane or helicopter. While most flights are scenic, some tours land at Whitehaven Beach or the Outer Great Barrier Reef for a snorkel.

As most of us are governed by our budget, picking the right Whitsundays Holiday can be difficult without the correct information so let me introduce myself …..My name is Nathan, I have lived in the Whitsundays for 16 Years, from that I have been in tourism 12 years including my own travel agency In Airlie Beach from 2005 to 2007, then working is sales and marketing in tourism since. Our business “Whitsunday Islands Tours” is operated from a family office at our home in Jubilee Pocket Whitsundays. Our goal is to find the right Whitsundays Holiday that meets you budget and expatiation’s. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our live chat , email or phone .There is no pushy salesman here just friendly local advice.

1 Day Whitsundays Tour

A 1 Day Whitsundays Trip takes you to Whitehaven Beach and 2 snorkel locations around the Whitsunday Islands and is perfect for people who do not want to spend the night on the water or do not have much time. You get to see the best of the Whitsunday Islands on a fast motor boat that you will not get sea sick on.

We have the best day tour on the market, ZigZag Whitsundays Day Trip includes Whitehaven Beach Chalkies Beach 2 Snorkel Locations and a visit to Palm Bay Resort for a swim in the pool or a drink at the bar. This boat is owned by a marine biologist and the crew know the Whitsundays well and are renowned as being polite and friendly .

2 Day 1 Night Whitsundays Holiday

A 2 Day 1 Night Whitsundays Overnight Sail Boat Tour is a wonderful way to stay for a night around the islands in a safe anchorage. These sailing tours are conducted on ex racing yachts and are great fun for an adventure traveler.

One of the best is Freight Train Whitsundays, This Tour will take you to Whitehven Beach including the Hill Inlet look out plus 3 snorkel locations around the islands, This tour is best suited for guests between the ages of 18 to 60 who have a sense for adventure and not comforts of home. Accommodation is all dorm share.

2 Day 2 Night Whitsundays Trip

A 2 Day 2 Night Whitsundays cruise is the most popular ways to see the Whitsunday Islands.Most of these sailing tours are conducted on ex racing yachts and are marketed at the backpacker market 18-35 year olds.

3 of the best are Avatar , Spank Me and Mandrake, These sailing tours will take you to Whitehaven Beach including the Hill Inlet look out plus multiple snorkel locations through the islands, Avatar has private beds if needed, Spank me is a fun social boat and Mandrake only takes 14 guests for the quiet relaxed trip

3 Day 2 Night Whitsundays Tour

A 3 Day 2 Night Sailing Tour is for the adventure travellers that want to explore more! .Most of these sailing trips are conducted on ex racing yachts and suit the backpacker market 18-35 year olds who wish to also scuba dive

2 of the best are Samurai and Apollo , These sailing tours will take you to Whitehaven Beach including the Hill Inlet look out plus multiple snorkel locations along with the options to pay for a scuba dive with a qualified instructor, Medical conditions to apply to diving so please be aware before scuba diving . These 2 tours are best suited for the 18-35 year old thrill seekers

Things to take into consideration before booking your tour

  • If you have ever suffered seasickness pick a fast boat like ZigZag Whitsundays, boats like this are to fast to roll in ocean swells and skim across the top of the waves , while the ride can be bumpy when is rough you will not suffer rocking motions that make you sick.
  • Ask us the type of people a boat generally takes , some are backpacker orientated with fun enthusiastic crew like Avatar Whitsundays while others cater for the relaxed couples who want that special time together.
  • The Time of year you travel is important , if you do not like extremely hot days and humid nights avoid November to March otherwise the rest of the year is near perfect.
  • There is a group of you ? great! ask us for a discount!
  • Lastly make sure your on the boat , plane or bus that makes you excited to travel on , most tours visit similar places its the mode of transport to get there that’s different

Whitsunday Islands Tour


I still believe“ in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for. Because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something. And if you find that moment… It lasts forever.

Leonardo Di Caprio, The Beach

Why you need to take a tour to Whitehaven Beach



The “miracle sand” here is made of fine, pure silica which translates to a brilliant white color. Amazingly, rocks in the surrounding areas are without silica so it is believed the ocean waves are responsible for bringing these heavenly grains to Whitehaven Beach over the course of millions of years. Discovered 138 years ago, these dazzling white sands and beautiful, serene surroundings are now part of one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions and true to its name, the beach is a natural white haven which never fails to stay with each visitor long after they leave.

As if the beach itself was not enough to satisfy Mother Nature’s creativity, there is also a breathtaking cove called Hill Inlet towards the northern end of Whitehaven Beach. Here, the shifting tides swirl around with sparkling white sand and turquoise water creating a memorable collage of beautiful colors. Feeling the cool silica-sand between your toes or a gentle breeze pass as you wade in the aquamarine waters, there is simply no wonder as to what makes this paradise so appealing to travelers.

Awarded “Queensland’s Cleanest Beach” and “The most eco-friendly beach” in recent years, Whitehaven Beach is one of the last truly unspoiled regions on the East Coast where natural attractions are a prelude to complete relaxation.

Planning a Whitehaven Beach Tour

Pristine and beautiful in every way, Whitehaven Beach stretches for 7km along the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, the largest of 74 islands in the region. Although extremely remote, you can reach this paradise on a Whitehaven Beach tour from various ports on the mainland such as Airlie Beach, Shute Harbor, and Hamilton Island. Whether you wish to take in this breath-taking region on a day tour by motorboat or enjoy an overnight sailing tour to Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, Whitsundays Islands Tours can help you organize these adventures.

Or maybe you’re interested in having an aerial view? It is also possible to marvel at the enchanting blue waves and white sands of Whitehaven Beach from the unique perspective of a seaplane or helicopter.

Regardless of which Whitehaven Beach tour you decide upon, an unforgettable encounter with unspoiled nature awaits. And once you thread softly on the cool sands of Whitehaven Beach and experience everything this magical paradise has to offer, you will understand what it truly feels like to be present in a moment – a moment that will last forever.


Best Escape Anyone Can Have

Whitsundays Tour: An unforgettable Island experience


The seventy four tropical islands of Australia’s East Coast are central to every Whitsundays Tour and a paradise for snorkelers, divers, sailors or those looking to explore the majesty of this expansive area. Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, the waters are calm and especially good for aquatic pursuits and the striking colors of the area will leave both those exploring above and below water mesmerized. Only five of the islands have resorts on them, meaning the rest of the islands are a place to truly return to nature and the bounty that she has provided in this area.

Coastal Pleasures and Inland Pursuits on a Whitsundays Tour

 You could spend a lifetime in and around the islands of the Whitsundays and never discover everything this magical place has to offer. With so much of the area uninhabited, so many secluded beaches and coves to find and so many waters to swim, no amount of time will ever feel enough here.

On the islands themselves, there are waterfalls to be found, hills to be climbed and mines to be toured. Thirty minutes from the popular Airlie Beach is the hidden majesty of Cedar Creek Falls. Locals and visitors alike flock here to swim in the lagoon under the falls’ crashing water, picnic under the shade of the trees and search for local wildlife. Make your way to the top of Flagstaff Hill in the charming seaside town of Bowen and be treated to a 360 degree view which will leave you breathless. Or, for something completely different, head even further inland into the town of Collinsville and experience the life and history of the coalminers that put the town on the map.

Off the coasts of the mainland and islands, the adventures become even more spectacular. The Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is right off the coasts of The Whitsundays, and the islands are ideally located near the reef’s central section. The picturesque Heart Reef is also nearby and an aerial tour is a great way to snap a picture of this charming natural phenomenon. Opportunities for all manners of water sports abound and the options for exploring these colorful waters are virtually endless.

The Best Way to Experience the Whitsundays

Because of the sheer size of The Whitsundays Islands area, it would be impossible to see all of this amazing area of Australia in just one trip. However, with some careful planning, you can see some of the best that the islands have to offer.

To really spend your time exploring the serene waters and coastal towns, consider a sailing tour of the Whitsunday Islands, which can range from one to three nights and allows you to become intimately familiar with this amazing part of the world. Or, for something a bit more fast paced, cruise the waters in style with a day outing on a motorboat.

Finally, there is always the option of a seaplane tour is one of the best ways to enjoy the cacophony of colors, natural elements and the colorful outlines of surfers, kayakers and sunbathers dotting the beaches and waters that come together on Whitsundays. Marvel at the Heart Reef or just look in amazement as the blues, greens and yellows as the islands reefs and sea melt into one another.  Either way, a Whitsundays holiday is simply unforgettable and an opportunity not to be missed regardless as to how you experience them.

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

– Andre Gide


Airlie Beach: The Perfect base for a Whitsundays Boat Tour

Exploring Australia’s expansive coastline and islands on a Whitsundays tour is an unforgettable adventure, and there’s no better place to base yourself than the charming seaside town of Airlie Beach. It is the largest town on the Whitsunday Coast and has all the feel and energy of a tropical resort, but it is also the central hub and meeting point for a Whitsundays tour or adventures on the Great Barrier Reef.

Yes, Airlie Beach is the ideal base on the East Coast of Australia, and furthermore, it is also graced with a wide variety of restaurants, shops, cafes and nightlife to explore. You will find many more attractive towns on the coastline of course, but then none of them offer the same comfort and easy access in terms of a Whitsunday Boat Tour.

A Jumping Off Point for a Whitsundays Tour

Although Airlie Beach is a relatively small town with a very village-like atmosphere, the influx of visitors coming in every day to explore The Whitsundays gives it a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel, especially in the high season. There are accommodations nestled throughout the town to suit every budget and type of traveler, from the five-star resorts overlooking the water, to the hillside apartment rentals overlooking the beach and bay to the more modest campsites and backpackers accommodations.

Most of the Whitsundays activities, and therefore the restaurants and shopping areas, are based out of the center of town, meaning visitors to Airlie will have a very easy time finding their bearings. Other popular places for tours to depart from and return to are the Port of Airlie to the South and Abell Point Marina to the North.

Can’t Miss Experiences in Airlie Beach

Whether you’re just waiting for your tour to leave or you’re basing your Whitsundays vacation in Airlie, there are a few experiences in the town that are not to be missed.

The Airlie Beach Lagoon is located off of Main Street and has multiple swimming depths as well as free BBQs. The safe waters and playground make it a great place to come with kids or just to cool down after a day of exploration. Nearby, The Great Walk allows visitors to ride, run or walk through the rainforest of the Conway Ranges along a 27km trail. The Great Walk is an amazing way to spend a day away from the beach and can even be turned into an overnight trip with camping along the trail. Back in town, the Airlie Markets are held every Saturday morning on the Esplanade. Grab a bite to eat and a cup of coffee at one of the local stalls and peruse through crafts, clothing and more during this leisurely weekend activity.

Out on the water, opportunities for sailing, boating, kayaking, jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling are all available year round. No matter how long you decide to spend in this magical part of the world, Airlie Beach is a haven for adventure and excitement while also being the perfect base for a Whitsundays Tour.


“My Job, my mission,the reason I was put onto this planet, is to save wildlife.”

– Steve Irwin

Top Things to do in the Whitsundays

  1. Visit Whitehaven Beach – Undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the Whitsunday Islands this beach is consistently voted top 10 beach in the world.
  2. See the Great Barrier Reef – Whether you visit the fringing reef around the islands or journey to the outer reef this is an absolute must do.
  3. Take a tour of the Whitsunday Islands – there are so many choices to see the Whitsundays but the top options are a crewed charted day trip or overnight sailing tour, hire a yacht for a week with friends or visit the islands by air and land by seaplane at the outer reef or Whitehaven beach.
  4. Stay at an Island Resort – Hamilton island is the most popular island holiday destination and has its own township , if your looking for seclusion Palm Bay Island Resort on Long Island is a perfect way to gain inner peace.
  5. Visit Airlie Beach – The gateway to the Whitsundays Airlie Beach is a bustling small tourist town with plenty of cafes motels and nightlife, a massive man made swimming lagoon will also keep you cool on those hot summer days
  6. Explore the Mainland – Hire a car and all within 1 hours drive you can visit cedar creek water falls , conway beach , dingo beach and hydeaway bay , Proserpine museum and to the north the seaside town of Bowen
  7. Go Fishing – There are full and half day charters departing Abel Point Marina in Airlie Beach , of take the kids to the rock walls at either marina or vmr. Shute harbour also has a specialized fishing jetty perfect for the kids
  8. National Park Walks – There are plenty of great bushwalks around the national parks both on the mainland and the islands, you can find all the walks at the Queensland National Parks Website
  9. Camping – Camper van parks are readily available on the mainland surrounding Airlie beach , you can also camp on the islands in designated areas but you will need a permit and to book ahead
  10. Wine and Dine – No Matter if you are on an Island resort or the mainland the Whitsundays are famous for there many restaurants and cafes with a lot of fresh produce sourced from the local region, The nightlife in Airlie Beach is the same every night…busy with lots of entertainment to be had across multiple venues

For more information on any Whitsundays Tour please contact us . We are more than happy to help you make this the best holiday you ever had. See you in the Whitsundays 🙂